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The kapil sharma show Full Weekend with Yuvraj Singh Yuvi and Hazel Keech Episode Part 45 Watch Video photos wallpapers

The Kapil Sharma Show 24-09-2016 Saturday Episode

The kapil sharma show 24th September Written Episode, Written Update on The kapil Sharma Showhazel-keech-in-kapil-sharma-show

Popular comedian-turned-actor, Kapil Sharma will play host to Yavraj Singh and his fiance Hazel Keech on the upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. Yuvraj will be seen promoting his recently launched fashion label YWC, which was launched in Mumbai earlier this month.hazel-keech-in-kapil-sharma-show-full-dance-video

Yuvraj’s label has been launched to support his initiative against cancer called YouWeCan Foundation.

Bret Lee in The Kapil Sharma Show

Coming back to the show, Yuvraj and Hazel will be sharing the much awaited news of their marriage with the audience and they will also entertain them with some fun acts on stage. The said episode will be aired this Saturday, September 24 at 9 pm on Sony TV.yuvi-in-kapil-sharma-show-6

According to a source from the sets, Yuvi admitted that he had finally managed to get Hazel to give the nod to his proposal after a long run around. “He revealed that for the first three years, he kept trying to get her to meet him for coffee. She would agree every time he messaged her, but on the appointed day, she would switch off her phone and not turn up,” informs the source, pointing out that they had became friends on the social media and it took Yuvraj over a year, with some help from a common friend, to finally get to meet her in person. And that’s when romance finally bloomed with plenty of perseverance from his side.

Latest Scoop Whoop News: Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech to appear on ‘Tkss’yuvraj-singh-in-kapil-sharma-show-1

There have been plenty of speculations about Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s December wedding but the couple have so far maintained a tight-lipped silence on their personal life. But Kapil Sharma managed to get them to reveal some interesting details about the wedding during his talk show on Sony. The much anticipated shaadi will be a mix of Sikh and Hindu ceremonies. When prodded on why they have been so secretive, the cricketer said with a laugh, “I’m afraid that if I speak too much, too many people may land up at the venue and I may not get entry myself.”

Saina Nehwal in The Kapil Sharma show

After they started spending time together, Hazel finally unbent and accepted Yuvi’s proposal. Soon after, he met her parents to tell them how successful he is and how much he loves their daughter so he could make their relationship official.hazel-keech-hot-wallpapers

Much like her family, Hazel too is clueless about cricket and her beau’s achievements on the field. When quizzed on the show she didn’t even know against which team Yuvraj had hit his famous six sixes in an over. When Kapil mentioned that it was against England, she was surprised as she is British herself and Yuvraj joked that he has stopped discussing cricket with her,” laughs the source.

Sumona Chakravarti marries Yuvraj Singh on The Kapil Sharma Show 

yuvraj-singh-in-tkss-youtube-video-downloadKapil Sharma’s stage has become a platform for something more than just comedy. The Kapil Sharma Show is where celebrities come to promote their films, tie rakhis and get married. Much like how you get married in Vegas. This time, it was the turn of cricketer Yuvraj Singh to tie the knot. And no, he didn’t get married to fiancee Hazel Keech but Kapil Sharma’s onscreen wife Sumona Chakravarti. The two were seen exchanging garlands as the show’s host watched. Was Kapil Sharma happy with the new development? We don’t think so!the-kapil-sharma-show-yuvraj-singh-and-hazel-keech-7

It was all planned by Sumona’s onscreen dad Dr Mashoor Gulati. When he saw Yuvraj in Kapil’s house, he invited him to inaugurate an MRI machine in his hospital. He then asked Sumona to welcome the cricketer by exchanging garlands, Before a non-plussed Yuvraj could react, the garlands had been exchanged and Sumona started behaving like Yuvi’s wife! Even Kapil Sharma’s protests were in vain.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Now continue in The Kapil Sharma Show

क्रिकेटर युवराज सिंह और उनकी मंगेतर हेजल कीच जल्द ही कॉमेडी स्टार कपिल शर्मा के टीवी शो में गेस्ट बनकर आने वाले हैं। शो के लिए हुए शूट के दौरान इस कपल ने ढेर सारी मस्ती और मजाक तो किया ही साथ ही शो में युवराज ने अपने नए फैशन ब्रांड और शादी की प्लानिंग को लेकर भी कई बातें भी बताईं। शो में हेजल और युवी ने कपिल के साथ डांस भी किया। युवी ने कहा मेरी शादी में मुझे ही एंट्री ना मिले…hazel-keech-biography-wiki-height-weight-bra-size
– स्टार क्रिकेटर युवराज सिंह और एक्ट्रेस हेजल कीच इस साल दिसंबर में शादी करेंगे। लेकिन इस बारे में लोगों को ज्यादा कुछ पता नहीं है।
– इसी बात को लेकर कपिल ने शो में युवराज से पूछा कि मैरिज के प्रोग्राम को इतना सीक्रेट क्यों बना रखा है।
– तो इसका जवाब युवी ने बड़े ही फनी अंदाज में दिया। उन्होंने कहा, ‘मुझे डर है कि कहीं अगर मैंने ज्यादा कुछ बता दिया तो मैरिज वेन्यू पर काफी लोग पहुंच जाएंगे और ऐसा ना हो कि वहां मुझे ही एंट्री ना मिले।’
पहली डेट के बारे में भी बताया
– शो के दौरान युवराज ने ये भी बताया कि उनकी पहली मुलाकात हेजल से कैसे हुई थी।
– युवी ने बताया हेजल के साथ पहली डेट पर जाने के लिए उन्हें तीन साल तक मशक्कत करनी पड़ी।
– युवी के मुताबिक हेजल कॉफी के लिए राजी होतीं और फिर उस दिन मोबाइल बंद कर लेती और मिलने भी नहीं आतीं।
– इसके करीब सालभर बाद युवी ने अपने कॉमन दोस्त के जरिए हेजल से मिलने में सफलता पाई।
– इसके बाद जब दोनों ने कुछ वक्त तक साथ गुजारा, फिर हेजल ने युवी का प्रपोजल एक्सेप्ट कर लिया।the-kapil-sharma-show-yuvraj-singh-and-hazel-keech-4
हेजल को नहीं है क्रिकेट में इंट्रेस्ट
– शो में युवी ने ये भी बताया कि उनकी होने वाली वाइफ को क्रिकेट में कोई इंट्रेस्ट नहीं है।
– यहां तक कि उन्हें ये भी नहीं पता कि युवी ने किस टीम के खिलाफ कौन सा बड़ा रिकॉर्ड बनाया है।
– जब प्रोग्राम में कपिन ने उन्हें बताया गया कि युवी ने ये रिकॉर्ड इंग्लैंड के खिलाफ बनाया था तो वे हैरान रह गईं।yuvi-hazel-keech-in-kapil-sharma-show-full-video-download yuvraj-singh-hazel-keech-on-the-kapil-sharma-show

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