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Sony TV is planning to telecast The Kapil Sharma Show in the 9pm slot whereas Colors will continue to sir Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live in the 10 pm slot.The Kapil Sharma Show VS Comedy Night Live Vote for your favourite show! copy

Prior to the announcement, speculations were rife that Kapil’s new show will be clashing with Comedy Nights Live. But that isn’t happening. While Colors will continue to telecast their shows in the 10-11 pm slot on weekends, Sony TV has picked the 9-10pm slot instead.

Talking about the reason behind such a choice, Kapil explains, “When I was doing Comedy Nights with Kapil, people used to tell me that we have to stay awake to watch your show. It comes so late. This time, we are bringing our show one hour early. So ab sab dekh sakte hai.”

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Ask him about the clash and he replies instantly, “I am not doing this show thinking of a clash. People have given us a lot of love on CNWK and I am sure they will watch this show as well. I want to give back to the people who have made me whatever I am today. This is for all those people who kept waiting for us to be back.”

How to go in The kapil Sharma Show as audience, get online pass and ticket

Kapil Sharma and Colors’ war has been all over. In the last few months, the Kapil-Krushna battle has also gained momentum. Remember how Krushna Abhishek and team faced all the brickbats after their first episode of Comedy Nights Live where they took several digs at Kapil? Well, Kapil stayed silent but now, he is coming back to rule the small screen, one more time. With his new TV show – The Kapil Sharma Show – all set to hit the TV forums this April, here’s one thing that shocked us.

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In today’s life style people have very hectic schedule and they often tense for their work or for their family problems. They want to laugh for some time alone or with their family to reduce their tension and for that on TV show Kapil Sharma comedy is the best option among all the comedy show. Kapil and his team were very entertaining on color TV show ‘The comedy night with Kapil’ but due to some issues that show has closed now and on behalf of that Krushna Abhishek and Bharti comedy show ‘Comedy Night Live’ is running there. Krushna Abhishek and Bharti is also great comedian but their hard work is not going well on ‘Comedy Night Live’ when we compare this show with ‘The comedy night with Kapil’. Now Kapil Sharma once again ready to hit the TV through his new show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and it will be amazing to see the fight between Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek through their comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and ‘Comedy Night Live’ respectively.Kapil Sharma Show-Comedy Nights Live

Why ‘Comedy Nights Live’ can never be pitted against ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’

Kapil Sharma New Show

As from the media news it has come to our knowledge that  this show prepared all  about its first show which is going to be telecast on the Sony Entertainment television  and  its first show is telecast on 23rd April 2016 at 9:00 pm at every Saturday and Sunday night . So now for all fans of the Kapil Sharma the cast member of this shows all the exclusive premier on YouTube on face book and other social media partner.  As before telecast of this shows the fans of this show can interact with the member of this new show at Amritsar on 5th March 2016, Bhopal on 11th March 2016, Lucknow at 16th March 2016 and in Delhi on 1st April 2016.

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Actor Krushna Abhishek’s ‘Comedy Nights Live’ that bragged about offering better gaffes and new experience failed to deliver what they had promised. While the viewers are open to new shows, new artists, new concepts – all to ensure they get a dedicated slot where they can laugh non-stop, ‘Comedy Nights Live’ came across as a failed recreation of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.

As any ardent fan of Kapil Sharma’s popular show, I too had mixed feelings as I sat down to watch the first episode of ‘Comedy Nights Live’. Obviously, my expectations were new and I wanted to be surprised. The show opened with Mika Singh crooning ‘Aaj ki party meri taraf se..’ and soon something unexpected happened. Mika replaced Navjot Singh Siddhu with his ultimate swag and asked the guests to say, ‘Thoko taali’ (Siddhu’s favourite dialogue). Sad!

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As we know that this shows is produced by the  K9 and frames production and the they promises to provide the unlimited entertainment to the fans of this show and also tells about the talented artist who win the heart of the fans and  takes the  blessing from the viewer . As we know that every age of the people like children, youth and old all are the biggest fan of the Kapil Sharma New show.   So you also have to give your witness by watching the Sony Entertainment Television and First Episode of the Kapil Sharma Show!

The Kapil Sharma New Show Starting date & Time on Sony tv channel

The Kapil Sharma Show All Full Episode Watch Online on Youtube

In between watching this new show The Kapil Sharma show there is also the golden opportunity  to  meet the favorite character of the this show and also to meet with Kapil Sharma by contesting a new and unique contest named as :’ Kapil Se Mil”. According to this contest the participant have to upload  their family video on  the Sony Live and the funniest family will win the chance to  meet the kapil Sharma on the Set of the kapil Sharma New Shows.

How to Watch The Kapil Sharma Show on DailyMotion Online?
Ladies & Gentlemen the wait is over and everybody’s favorite stand-up comedian is coming

Kapil Sharma’s entry on the Sony Entertainment Television with team:

As Kapil Sharma and his team is the funniest team every we see in the comedy shows. As the Kapil Sharma is coming back with his team. As the Navjot Singh Sidhu is also become famous by his dialog” Thoki Tali” . As now you can see this comedy shows from your drawing room on Sony TV from 23rd April 2016 at 9:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday night.  In their premier they also gives us the information about their outline work and also gives us the example that what they are going to do in this show. As this is also a long period to see all the character of the Comedy Night with Kapil, we miss all the character of the Show.

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